what blue tick check remover

What Blue Tick Check Remover Android App - playslack.com , Finally a WORKING SOLUTION for your privacy problem :)Remove the two blue ticks in WhatsApp in just under 2 minutes. 100% SAFE, LEGITIMATE, LEGAL and NO ROOT REQUIRED.Just follow 6 SIMPLE STEPS and you are done...!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recently there was a new update where your chat friends could see two blue ticks or checks which meant that the message has not only been delivered but also read by the recipient of the message.With this App, you will remove the blue ticks and revert back to your old message settings with the default two ticks on message being delivered.This option is given by the application itself and therefore there is absolutely no risk to your phone and it is 100% safe and easy.You can even hide and disable the last seen in your chat. Do give it a try.Happy Private Texting guys :)Please rate us: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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